Color of Law Custody Cases

Color of Law Custody Cases
Rhode Island and other states often violate civil rights in civil courts when officials threaten to separate children from protective parents who are their lifeline. These cases may include "color of law" abuses that push the boundaries of law. Judges who allow color of law abuse in their courtrooms are guilty of "color of office."

In Family Court, we give judges ultimate power over people’s lives while taking away their curiosity, concern, and even their ability to inquire about what is really happening in these cases. This transfers the power to guardians ad litem and lawyers. These officers of the court can convince a judge--through false allegations that are frequently off the record--to remove children, imprison innocent parents, then bankrupt them through years of frivolous motions, and forbid them to talk about it--all under color of law.

In domestic abuse custody cases, this enables the abusive parent to gain extraordinary power and control over the protective parent and the children.

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

10. B. Cherrie Perkins set me straight

Silly me. I never have been too good at fashion.

After court yesterday, Cherrie Perkins let me know that the jeans she was wearing Friday were CERTAINLY not Wranglers, but Levi's.

We laughed. It felt good. (Why would anyone want to spend her one-and-only life laughing at people when it feels so much better to laugh with them?)