Color of Law Custody Cases

Color of Law Custody Cases
Rhode Island and other states often violate civil rights in civil courts when officials threaten to separate children from protective parents who are their lifeline. These cases may include "color of law" abuses that push the boundaries of law. Judges who allow color of law abuse in their courtrooms are guilty of "color of office."

In Family Court, we give judges ultimate power over people’s lives while taking away their curiosity, concern, and even their ability to inquire about what is really happening in these cases. This transfers the power to guardians ad litem and lawyers. These officers of the court can convince a judge--through false allegations that are frequently off the record--to remove children, imprison innocent parents, then bankrupt them through years of frivolous motions, and forbid them to talk about it--all under color of law.

In domestic abuse custody cases, this enables the abusive parent to gain extraordinary power and control over the protective parent and the children.

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Monday, February 27, 2012


While I sat outside Courtroom 1 in Washington County Courthouse last Thursday (forbidden to enter because Attorney Cynthia Gifford suddenly presented me with a subpoena), little did I know that I had become the latest "emergency" in this case. I found out today that Gifford filed an "EMERGENCY MOTION TO ADJUDGE [Tracy] IN CONTEMPT."

Gifford even imagines that these blog posts are
intended as a contact with the child [Jenny], who is able to access them from the Internet and that said Anne Grant is acting in concert with the Defendant to be in contempt of the orders of the court.
Poor Jenny! What kind of haranguing must she contend with now? The Digital Age has not been kind to her with all the apparent punishments for trying to send text messages to her mom.

So Judge DiSegna must rule on what appears to be the seventh in a series of bogus emergencies and ex parte motions (which are a favorite tactic of batterers in Family Court; Sneaky people tend to get paranoid.)

This emergency motion even suggests that I am a "friend of the Defendant." That's ironic, for I never knew "Tracy," until I heard about the legal abuse she and her daughter have been suffering.

Gifford and Perkins' shenanigans have brought this amazing mother and daughter into my life.

I would be honored if someday Tracy and Jenny became my friends.